Haliński KA-1-2008 B-239 Buffalo

B-239 Buffalo - Image 1
Merilo: 1:33
Proizvajalec: Haliński
Koda izdelka: HAL-KA-1-2008
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€21.46 oz. 12300 tč.

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pri dostavi v: Slovenija
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Koda izdelkaHAL-KA-1-2008
Teža:0.13 kg
Dodano v katalog:20.9.2013

The Brewster B-239 was a Finnish mid-wing American production fighter from the interwar period and World War II. The flight of the prototype took place in 1937, and the machine entered the lines of the Finnish Air Force in 1939. The drive was usually provided by a single Wright R-1820-40 Cyclone engine with a capacity of 1200 HP. The deck armament consisted of four 12.7 mm Browning M2 machine guns.

Originally, the Brewster B-239 was designed for the US Navy as the Brewster F2A-1, to replace the Grumman F3F biplane. However, it was sold relatively quickly by the US Navy to the Finnish Aviation. The reason for this decision was that the US Navy was hoping to quickly receive a newer version of the machine, as well as the fact that Grumman F4F Wildcat fighters were to enter the line soon. The planes delivered to Finland were designated B-239E and a total of 44 machines of this type were delivered to Finland. They have also received new versions of the Wright Cyclone engines with a capacity of 1200 HP and the armor of the pilot's cabin. All types of instrumentation necessary for the service on aircraft carriers have also been removed from them. Aircraft of this type were not used during the Winter War (1939-1940), but were used on a large scale during the so-called The Continuation War (1941-1944), during which it gained the opinion of a reliable, maneuverable and durable fighter, showing great shooting statistics in clashes with Soviet machines. Interestingly, they remained with the Finnish air force until 1948!

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Dodano v katalog: 20.9.2013
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Merilo: 1:33
Proizvajalec: Haliński
Koda izdelka: HAL-KA-1-2008-ac
Razpoložljivost: na voljo!

€15.34 oz. 10000 tč.

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